4 Applications of Thorn Lighting in Various Industries

4 Applications of Thorn Lighting in Various Industries

4 Applications of Thorn Lighting in Various Industries

4 Applications of Thorn Lighting in Various Industries

What are the different applications of Thorn Lighting in various industries? 

  1. Education
  2. Healthcare
  3. Retail
  4. Industry Lighting


Thorn Lighting has been known in the industry to provide the best and high-quality lighting products. With its wide range of products, Thorn Lighting can illuminate many spaces while providing the latest lighting control for energy efficiency. 

At Stealth Ventures Corp., we explore the different applications of Thorn Lighting in the Philippines across various industries. This article explains the demands of each industry and how great lighting solutions providers can meet these demands with Thorn Lighting products. Keep reading to learn more!



EducationWith the combination of both natural and artificial light, schools can create productive environments for learning. Natural light has many learning benefits, however, it is not always possible to have this because of architectural design. 

At Stealth Ventures Corp., we are the authorized and exclusive distributor of Thorn Lighting in the Philippines. Their wide range of products allows us to provide the best lighting solutions tailored for learning environments. 

Thorn Lighting combines its high-quality products with lighting controls to help young minds absorb their lessons. This is done with the simple controls of EN124. Pairing this with the Arena Symphony provides the best lighting in a classroom. You can intensify or dim lighting when required. 

Apart from lighting controls, Thorn Lighting’s education solutions also recommend Variable Color Temperature solutions. To promote curiosity and creativity, lights should be maintained at the right temperature — CRI 90+. This can help optimize the focus on students by adjusting the color temperature throughout the day.



HealthcareHealthcare buildings and clinics have some of the highest lighting demands because it impacts both the patients and staff. It plays an important role in making people feel comfortable and cared for. On top of that, it must be easy to maintain while supporting infection control. 

There are many things to get right, so you can only trust the leading lighting supplier and solutions provider — Stealth Ventures. We incorporate Thorn Lighting’s healthcare lighting for this important project. 

Two critical factors in healthcare lighting are clarity and comfort. When it comes to medical diagnosis and treatment, treatment areas need accurate, clear, and powerful lights. This is best provided by Thorn’s Beta 2 and Omega lights.

For other areas, it’s important to let patients feel comfortable. Lights should be angled to consider the patient. For example, patients should not see glare while lying in their beds. To create more comforting atmospheres, lights should also have a warmer color temperature. 

Lastly, lighting in hospitals should be easy to clean and maintain. Its best products used here avoid collecting both dust and dirt, considering the sanitation standards of the industry. This not only keeps costs low but also minimizes the disruption in the building. 



Lighting in retail helps stores create the best possible shopping experience for their customers. It’s more than just putting the spotlight on the displays and products. Retail stores need to create a holistic experience to wow customers and encourage them to shop. 

The lights inside a retail store should have a flexible scheme with warm 300k lighting as highlights. Thorn’s Tonic Spotlight provides the best spotlight for materials. Since it’s swivel adjustable, it can also be used to highlight other parts of the store. For other parts of the store, the Glacier II LED and Chalice Pro make good pendant light and downlight options. 

With the right lighting from Thorn Lighting, we provide stores with the products they need to stage various aspects of the store. This can easily transform the entire space into a showcase where you can let customers feel what your store and brand are about. 


Industry Lighting

Factories, production halls, hubs, bays, and storage units all require the proper industrial lighting. With many jobs to fulfill in these locations, workers and employees are always on the go, leaving a very small margin for error. This is where proper lighting steps in. 

For these demanding locations, lighting gives them more than luminance. It ensures their safety as well as the delivery of good results. A well-lit industrial facility also provides them with the productivity boost needed to support fellow workers in accomplishing daily tasks. 

Stealth Ventures Corp. can provide various types of Thorn industry lighting. 

As mentioned above, industry lighting is a key factor in boosting productivity. It allows employees to do their best. Inside production halls, Thorn’s HIPAK provides them safety and comfort with minimal glare. This suspension LED high-by luminaire helps keep operations going by providing an optimal working environment. 

Industrial facilities usually have high ceilings, dust, and vibrations. Many things here are very prone to corrosion as well. It’s safe to say that it is a very demanding and tough environment. Luckily, Thorn lighting products can withstand these conditions. Made from high-quality materials, they still provide powerful light. 

Lastly, the latest technology of Thorn Lighting makes it a more energy-efficient choice thanks to its smart lighting controls. Facilities have the power to use lights only when and where it’s needed. 


Key Takeaway

Thorn Lighting goes beyond offering high-quality lighting products. They also provide solutions and applications for different industries from Education to Retail to Industrial Facilities and so many more! 

In the Philippines, Stealth Ventures Corp. is the authorized and sole supplier of Thorn Lighting. Through Thorn’s different applications, we are able to provide the best lighting solutions to our clients. 

If you’re looking for the best lighting supplier and solutions provider in the Philippines, contact us here at Stealth Ventures. Since 2015, Stealth Ventures has been the trusted, reliable partner for lighting backed by experience and expertise. Contact us here to start our collaboration today!