6 Benefits of Using Dimmable LED Lights in the Philippines

6 Benefits of Using Dimmable LED Lights in the Philippines

6 Benefits of Using Dimmable LED Lights in the Philippines

6 Benefits of Using Dimmable LED Lights in the Philippines

What are the advantages of using dimmable lighting?

  1. You consume less electricity.
  2. You have less of a negative impact on the environment.
  3. You can manipulate the room’s ambiance and mood.
  4. Your lights last longer.
  5. You have control over the room’s functionality.
  6. You can increase productivity and reduce eye strain.

Some LED lights have the unique feature of being dimmable. But besides its aesthetic appeal, what are the benefits of dimmable LED lights in the Philippines?

Dimmable LED lighting is a trend that is quickly growing in the home improvement market these days. These LED fittings are usually smaller than traditional light bulbs, which allows them to fit into lamps and fixtures that accept incandescent or standard bulbs. The average lifespan of a dimmable LED light bulb is at least three times longer than incandescent and halogen lights, saving you the cost of maintenance and replacement over years to come.

In this article, we’ll discuss some other benefits of dimmable LED lights in the Philippines. Read on to learn more!

You Consume Less Electricity

You Consume Less ElectricityBy design, dimmable lights allow you to consume less energy when your lights are switched on, unlike other lights which are at full brightness all the time.

LED lights use about 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs, giving you a significant decrease in your electricity costs when you invest in them. Dimmable lights have the additional benefit of not having to use all their energy once they are switched on; instead, their dimmable feature allows them to reduce the energy being used.

You Have Less of a Negative Impact on the Environment

By reducing your electricity consumption, you’re not only saving energy but also decreasing your reliance on fossil fuels, which are typically generated by burning coal. The burning of coal is a major contributor to the emission of greenhouse gases, which have a detrimental impact on the environment. These emissions damage the ozone layer and exacerbate climate change, leading to more severe weather events, rising sea levels, and other ecological problems.

Therefore, every effort to reduce electricity usage can help to mitigate these negative impacts and promote a more sustainable future.

You Can Manipulate the Room’s Ambiance and Mood

You Can Manipulate the Room’s Ambiance and MoodThere are many bOne of the best things about dimmable lighting is the effect that different brightness settings can have on your space. Dimmed lighting can make a space more intimate, romantic, or even intense. In contrast, bright lights can make it more functional, exciting, or severe. Whatever ambiance you want for your room or building, you can achieve it by adjusting as much as you can—and lights are the best place to start.

Another thing you can easily adjust with dimmable lights is the mood of the room. From cheery to serious, you can adjust according to its purpose whether there’s an event going on or a recreational activity.

Your Lights Last Longer

LED lights tend to last much longer than traditional lightbulbs. In fact, they last up to 50,000 hours compared to the 1,000 hours of traditional lights. This means that by investing in LED lights, you can expect to spend less on the replacement and maintenance of your building’s lighting.

You Have Control Over the Room’s Functionality

In the same way that you get to control the mood of the room, you can also match its lighting to the purpose of your space. If you are lighting a hospital, for example, you might need certain rooms to be lit differently. Clinics need to be bright for doctors to read records and diagnose illnesses while recovery rooms need to be dim so that patients can recuperate effectively.

You can Increase Productivity and Reduce Eye Strain

Proper lighting has positive effects on physical and emotional health while lighting that doesn’t match the mood, ambiance, or atmosphere of a room can negatively impact the mood or behavior of the people occupying it.

For example, why is lighting for offices usually bright? Not only is it for functional purposes—that is, for people to see better—but bright lighting also wakes people up and makes them more alert. Imagine working in a dark room with barely any natural or artificial light. Even picturing it might make you sleepy, dejected, or less eager to work.

Key Takeaway

As you have seen in this article, there are many varied benefits of dimmable LED lights in the Philippines. Not only do they serve to elevate the atmosphere in a room in terms of mood, atmosphere, or functionality, but they also have positive impacts on physical health, psychological behavior, and even financial costs.

To further reap the benefits of dimmable LED lights, you can even install remote-controlled light switches to be able to adjust not just your lights, but also other appliances in your home.

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