Benefits of Solar Streetlights

Benefits of Solar Streetlights

Benefits of Solar Streetlights

Benefits of Solar Streetlights

What are the benefits of solar streetlights?

  1. Illumination of Important Roads
  2. Simple Installation
  3. A Sustainable and Environmentally-Friendly Option
  4. Durable Material
  5. Low Maintenance Costs


With green initiatives rising worldwide, the use of solar streetlights has become a popular movement in many cities. They provide them with a sustainable and environmentally-friendly solution. 

There are many benefits to solar streetlights. This article tackles how it can benefit your community in the long run. Keep reading to learn more!


Illumination of Important Roads

Illumination of Important RoadsJust like other lighting fixtures, solar streetlights are meant to provide illumination, particularly in important locations of a neighborhood. These outdoor lights are installed at ideal locations to increase the safety of everyone in the community.

Compared to traditional streetlights, solar lighting fixtures are not connected to the electrical grid of the city. That means they are not affected during power outages. These fixtures rely on solar energy as their main source of power. There are fewer chances of these powering off compared to their electrical counterparts. 

You can find them installed on the mid-blocks, road intersections, and pedestrian crossings.

Midblock are islands of cement found in the middle of pedestrian crossings. These sections are illuminated by solar lights to increase the visibility of different road features. Drivers can see pedestrians at the crossing, and vice versa. 

At intersections, solar lights help reduce vehicular accidents by making the entire road more visible to drivers. With solar technology, the power of these lights is not disrupted. 

With solar streetlights, crimes and accidents are reduced because of the powerful optics it provides. You can help people feel at ease thanks to a good light source. It creates a safe space to interact and move about in the community. 


Simple Installation

The installation of streetlights is less complex compared to electrical streetlights. This simplicity is thanks to the elimination of wires. A solar street light only needs its concrete base and battery upon installation. 

Because of this, labor and financial load is lessened. Installers will not need to make use of underground utilities for their power source. 

When installing traditional street lights, everyday life is interrupted because workers will need to dig and set up barriers because of electric trenching. This can cause disturbance in the form of traffic and even noise. 


A Sustainable and Environmentally-Friendly Option

A Sustainable and Environmentally-Friendly OptionAs discussed in previous sections, solar streetlights rely on solar energy for their power. That means that sunlight is converted into electricity, therefore the streetlight does not need to depend on electric consumption.

Using this kind of outdoor lighting fixture is a green and sustainable choice. These fixtures do not contribute to pollution nor does it emanate radiation. 

Contrary to popular belief, these lights do not always need light to turn on. Its built-in battery system is what absorbs solar energy. So, it enables the lights to turn on even at night. 


Durable Material

Solar streetlights are made from durable materials and are equipped with state-of-the-art technology so that they can last for up to twenty-five years. 

Stealth Ventures Corp. offers LED Solar Street Lights from L&E. As the sole distributor of this brand, we can provide you with only the best outdoor luminaires in the industry. The L&E SLL10 is designed to illuminate streets, access roads, parking lots, and even highways. It is housed in extruded and die-formed aluminum for maximum protection. 

As mentioned earlier, solar streetlights are a safe option on the roads since their electrical trenching and wires are not involved in their installation. The L&E SLL10 has an off-grid system and only comes with its battery backup. 

With columns of this street light lined up, they provide uniform illumination thanks to its LED light bulbs. This style provides a well-distributed lighting pattern on the rows since it pushes light directly to where it’s needed instead of throwing lumens in different directions. 


Low Maintenance Costs

It’s a fact that solar streetlights are an investment. Its installation and purchase price may be more expensive compared to electrical-powered street lights. However, its maintenance price is much lower. 

With solar energy being its source of energy, you won’t find yourself needing to replace bulbs. During the daytime, the photocells and controller switch off the lights so that they can absorb solar energy. As the day goes on, the controller turns on the light when the solar panel no longer produces a charge.  

Solar power can just be the cheapest energy source in the market in the long run. 

Key Takeaway

There are many benefits of solar streetlights. They provide cities and communities with a sustainable and environmentally-friendly light source. It gives the same amount of power and lumens just like any other streetlight.

In the Philippines, solar street lights are a part of the lighting solutions of Stealth Ventures, the country’s top lighting supplier. Contact us here today so we can help you address your urgent lighting concerns and projects.