Ceiling Lights: 3 Types for Your Office Space

Ceiling Lights: 3 Types for Your Office Space

Ceiling Lights: 3 Types for Your Office Space

Ceiling Lights: 3 Types for Your Office Space

What are the different types of ceiling lights for office spaces? 

  1. Incandescent Ceiling Lights 
  2. Fluorescent Ceiling Lights
  3. LED Ceiling Lights


Lighting plays an important role in offices. Not only does it increase visibility and avoid slips and falls, but it also plays a big role in productivity. Choosing office lighting can mean the difference between unmotivated teams and a revitalizing work ambiance. By partnering with the right lighting solutions provider, you can pick the correct types of ceiling lights needed for your office space! 

From longer lifespan to energy efficiency, there are numerous factors to consider when choosing office lights. In this article, we tackle the different types of ceiling lights for any office setting and how Stealth Ventures Corp. can provide you with the best lighting solutions for your workstations. 


Incandescent Ceiling Lights 

One of the oldest types of office lighting fixtures is incandescent lights. These are known to have full-lumen output compared to other types of lights. Aside from the strong illumination, incandescent lights are considered to be eco-friendly since their filament is made from non-hazardous metals, such as tungsten. 

However, installing incandescent lights in your office space is not a sustainable option. Since incandescent bulbs burn at a higher temperature than other types like fluorescent and LED lights, these use up energy quicker and have shorter lighting hours. 

So, instead of using this luminaire as the office’s main source of light, it’s usually seen as an accent or decorative light. 


Fluorescent Ceiling Lights

Fluorescent Ceiling LightsFluorescent lights are similar to incandescent lights. However, many lighting suppliers often consider fluorescent lights more sustainable light since these possess a cool color temperature while still having high lumen production, effectively lighting up an entire space. 

Many establishments use fluorescent lights. These are commonly seen in T8 and T5 tube forms in various offices. However, there are many disadvantages to using this kind of light. 

Fluorescent lights make use of hazardous materials such as mercury. This makes fluorescent light more difficult to dispose of. Fluorescent lighting also emits UV light, aggravating health problems related to light sensitivity. 


LED Ceiling Lights

LED lights are one of the most popular lights used in many office spaces. Why? The rationale is simple. LED lighting can mimic natural light and help keep people in the workspace productive. On top of that, it is also brighter. Most LED lights can also be equipped with controls to adjust their intensity throughout the day. 

Unlike the two previously mentioned lighting fixtures, LED lights are free of pollutants. It does not contain toxic chemicals like mercury or lead, making it a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice. 

In addition, LED lights are energy efficient. When using LED lighting in the office, its burning hours can be 20x longer than other types of lights. Offices can get a bigger return on their investment since this luminaire provides them with both intensity and longevity. 

Lastly, LED lights offer versatility. These are not only used as functional lights but also for decoration and accent lighting. LED lights come in various shapes and sizes that can be used to illuminate plenty of workspaces. It can provide uniformity in a lighting space as well as accent lighting to highlight different decorative fixtures in the office, such as paintings and sculptures. 


Thorn Lighting Cetus Downlight for Offices


Thorn Lighting Cetus Downlight for OfficesTo provide our clients with the best lighting solutions, Stealth Ventures Corp. partners with many local and global brands, one of them being Thorn Lighting. We are Thorn Lighting’s exclusive and authorized distributor in the Philippines. 

In its extensive catalog, Thorn Lighting has one of the best ceiling lights needed in the office — the Cetus. It is a recessed LED downlight with a low height of 88mm, making it possible to install in low and restricted ceiling voids. 

It is a direct replacement for traditional compact fluorescent downlights since it saves up to 65% more energy. This lighting fixture has a high efficiency of 110 lm/W, giving it low energy consumption. 

Aside from its regular lighting functions, it can also come as an emergency lighting option. Office spaces can use this to light hallways in times of emergency to guide their workers to the correct exits and corridors. 


Key Takeaway

There are many kinds of ceiling lights available in the market, but the best kind of light option for office spaces is LED lights. When compared to other lighting types, LED lights provide you with the longest lifespan as well as the best optic performance. 

As a top lighting supplier in the Philippines, Stealth Ventures Corp. can provide your office spaces with the best LED lights from our local and global partners, including the Thorn Cetus Downlight. Decades of experience help us work together with our clients to provide them with the best lighting solutions. Don’t hesitate to contact us here today!