Emergency Lighting in the Philippines: 3 Types You Need to Know

Emergency Lighting in the Philippines: 3 Types You Need to Know

Emergency Lighting in the Philippines: 3 Types You Need to Know

Emergency Lighting in the Philippines: 3 Types You Need to Know

What are the different kinds of emergency lights?

  1. Escape Route Lighting
  2. Open Area Lighting
  3. High-Risk Task Lighting


There are certain situations beyond the control of humans. One of them is power outages. Most of the time, facilities don’t get a warning of when these happen. However, we can all be prepared for it.  

Offices, schools, and other facilities should be equipped with the correct emergency lighting to aid the vast amount of guests and personnel in these various locations. 

Experts in the lighting industry like Stealth Ventures Corp. make sure that all facilities they supply lighting solutions for are prepared with this. 


What is Emergency Lighting? 

Emergency lighting is a specially designed luminaire that automatically opens during power outages. Once the main power supply goes down, all emergency lights are meant to turn off. 

These are set up in strategic locations to ensure the safety of everyone. It allows them to evacuate a building in a safe and orderly manner. It also helps reduce their panic and confusion by illuminating their paths toward the exit. 

Aside from evacuation, emergency lighting allows personnel in high-risk areas to manage and accomplish difficult tasks during a power failure. 

Emergency lighting can be categorized into two types: escape lighting and standby lighting. 


Categories of Emergency Lighting


  • Escape Lighting

This illuminates the different exit routes in a building. It also provides light in open areas inside and outside the building during power outages.


  • Standby Lighting

This lighting allows facilities to go about their normal activities even during a power failure. This is usually seen in traffic control centers and theaters. 

You can further section emergency lighting into three important sections: escape routes, open areas, and high-risk areas. Lighting for each differs since each section plays different roles in emergencies.  


Escape Route Lighting

Escape Route Lighting

During power outages, the exit route must be lit and labeled. This allows people to evacuate any kind of facility safely since they’ll be guided to the proper stairwells and routes to take. 

All signs must indicate that they are escape routes. Escape route lighting is not limited to signages. It also includes different moving walkways where people will be using exit routes. 

Stealth Ventures Corp. uses Thorn Lighting’s main fittings for escape lighting as well. Some lights like the Leopard bulkhead and the Chalice downlight have emergency versions that qualify them for this use. 

Thorn Lighting’s Leopard bulkhead is a vandal-resistant luminaire that can be mounted on either the wall or ceiling. It is equipped with energy-saving sensor options that activate the light when movement is detected. This is the ideal light to use for movable walkways. 

There are also different models available from Thorn’s Voyager LED that can be used for Escape Route Lighting like Solid and Style. With its specific corridor optics, it offers maximum spacing for these corridors.


Open Area Lighting

During power failures, common spaces should remain lit. This helps reduce the panic among people during an outage. It can avoid confusion by providing the proper optics to guide them toward the exit route. It makes signs more visible to everyone in the space. 

Open areas can include office spaces, washrooms, showrooms, conference suites, and reception areas. It can be any space where people usually gather in a day. 

Different Open Areas & their Lighting Requirements


  • Offices

For the safety of all personnel, all exit signs need to be visible from different vantage points. Main fittings must have emergency versions integrated into them. If not, separate lighting solutions like Thorn Lighting’s Voyager LED must be fitted in the room. 


  • Washrooms

For washrooms that are over 8 square meters, there must be two emergency lighting fixtures installed inside. These can either be emergency versions of fittings or separate emergency products like Thorn’s Voyager Solid luminaire. 

On the other hand, smaller washrooms only require emergency lights if they do not receive natural light from the windows inside. 


  • Show Rooms

Showrooms are usually equipped with spotlights that highlight the different exhibits. Some downlights provide the room with general lighting. However, in emergencies, it’s required that all exit signs be visible. The downlights should also have emergency versions like Thorn Lighting’s Chalice downlight. 


  • Conference Rooms

There are different kinds of conference rooms. They can sometimes act as lecture areas and meeting rooms. Here, you’ll usually find dimmable lighting fixtures. During emergencies, it’s ideal that there be emergency versions of linear luminaires and downlights that can clearly define the escape routes. 


  • Reception Areas

A reception area is one of the most public spaces in any building. Here, the exit signs must always be lit at all times even when there is no emergency. It’s also ideal to equip wall and ceiling-mounted decorative fixtures with their emergency versions to provide a strong visual impact during power failures. 


High-Risk Task Lighting

High-Risk Task Lighting

High-risk areas are places in a building or facility where hazardous activity occurs. During power failures, these activities must be safe or even terminated if an evacuation is required. This helps prevent injury to people in the building and damage to the equipment. 

Having lighting in these areas helps employees turn off any dangerous processes before proceeding with evacuating the building. 

For these areas, it’s ideal to equip them with quick-response fittings like Thorn’s Voyager Twin Spot. 


Key Takeaway

During power failures and outages, all facilities must be equipped with the correct emergency lighting for key areas. This can help reduce panic and fear among people inside the space. It also guides them out of the building by pointing out the different escape routes and illuminating the walkways. 

You can trust us at Stealth Ventures Corp, the Philippines’ leading lighting supplier and solutions provider to equip you with the right kinds of emergency lights. We can provide you with fixtures from Thorn Lighting in the Philippines ideal for these situations. Contact us here today to begin our collaboration!