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Importance of Intelligent Lighting in Transport Infrastructure

Importance of Intelligent Lighting in Transport Infrastructure


Lighting is one of the most important aspects of transport infrastructure. It plays a key role in efficient management and daily operations, while also ensuring the safety of visitors and passengers. Read on to discover the importance of intelligent lighting in transport infrastructure


We see lighting solutions everywhere — from inside our homes to the roadways we pass daily. They don’t only exist to illuminate places, but more importantly, lighting solutions play a significant role in ensuring our safety. 


Transport infrastructure lighting, for one, is the key to safely and efficiently operate public transportation like metro trains, subways, airports, etc. The innovation and development in lighting solutions have given rise to intelligent lighting technologies that transform the industry of transport infrastructure. Solutions like smart outdoor lighting, adaptive lighting, etc. have helped: 


  • Improve lighting performance 
  • Increase safety 
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Downplay carbon emissions
  • Assist in space management and utilization 


Intelligent lighting in transport infrastructure has played a key role in improving several transportation means, making its impact on people and passengers, places, and even the environment. 


Impact of Intelligent Transportation Lighting on People 

In a transport system’s setting, people come and go daily. There is always an influx of passengers, especially during rush hours. While they may not notice it, good transportation lighting plays a part in their overall commute experience. 


Lighting helps people become more assured and secure in their safety while in transit. Train stations, airports, and road lighting solutions are appropriately illuminated to give travelers and passengers more confidence in the transport system of their choice. 


Further, proper lighting levels in transport infrastructure allow passengers to proceed safely. It gives them a clear and safe path to find their way in stations and airports, preventing accidents in high-risk areas. Aside from the benefit of intelligent lighting on passengers, drivers and operators are also given an advantage, allowing them to safely operate the vehicle or transport system. 


The importance of intelligent and proper lighting solutions are apparent in transport infrastructure, as they:


  • Help create a functional environment
  • Lead visitors to the right passages and entrance and exit points
  • Ensure passenger safety and security throughout their entire journey 
  • Reduce the risk of passenger mishaps and accidents 
  • Illuminate vulnerable areas like escalators, elevators, stairs, ticketing counters, and concourse areas


Impact of Intelligent Transportation Lighting on Places

Proper illumination in transport infrastructure has a huge impact on the overall aesthetic appeal of a place. It allows them to meet the standards of uniformity, which ties in with safety. Precision lighting can be applied to every area, including open spaces, transition zones, etc. Uniform lighting solutions come together to foster balance, atmosphere, and color representation. 


Impact of Intelligent Transportation Lighting on the Environment

The use of light has a direct impact on the environment, increasing energy consumption and boosting pollution rates. This is especially true for transportation or road lighting that are powerful and function for long periods of time. 


However, lighting manufacturers are beginning to take the impact of light use on the environment into account, coming up with more sustainable solutions to illuminate transport infrastructure. Some ways are through smart designs, automation, and high-quality optics, which help minimize light pollution and reduce energy consumption. 


The main goals of transport infrastructure lighting are to illuminate stations and roads, increase the safety of passengers and road users, and safeguard public property against amoral forces. Overall, the proper lighting solutions can create a safe, secure, and impressive environment for citizens and visitors alike. 


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