Stealth Ventures and Thorn Lighting: Top-Notch Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Solutions in the Philippines

Stealth Ventures and Thorn Lighting: Top-Notch Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Solutions in the Philippines

Stealth Ventures and Thorn Lighting: Top-Notch Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Solutions in the Philippines

Stealth Ventures and Thorn Lighting: Top-Notch Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Solutions in the Philippines

Since its establishment in 2005, Stealth Ventures Corp. has strived to provide the best possible lighting solutions for its clients. They can do this through their local and global partners, one of them being Thorn Lighting. As the exclusive and authorized supplier and distributor of Thorn Lighting, Stealth Ventures Corp. can bring its high-quality indoor and outdoor lighting solutions to the Philippines. 

But who is Thorn Lighting? They are of the best LED lighting solutions under Zumtobel Group (ZH Lighting). All products of Thorn Lighting have gone through extensive research and development to provide the best practices in optical design. This means that their lighting solutions bring comfort and safety to various spaces while being an energy-efficient solution. 

Thorn Lighting’s lighting solutions go beyond lighting up residential spaces. They provide the best optic performances for roads, buildings, and even transportation terminals.

Stealth Venture Corp. makes sure to bring Thorn Lighting’s best solutions to its clients. Keep reading to learn more about the different projects of Stealth Ventures and Thorn Lighting. 


Davao Light & Power Company

Among the many electrical utilities in the Philippines, Davao Light & Power Company is known to be the third largest privately-owned distribution utility. They were first established in 1921 when they were incorporated by Patrick Henry Frank, Relatives and Associates. Today, they illuminate homes in Davao City, areas of Panabo City, and various municipalities in Davao del Norte. 

With their commitment to delivering reasonable and safe electrical services to the Davao region, they partnered with Stealth Ventures Corp. to provide the city with the best street lights. 

Stealth Ventures Corp. provided Davao Light & Power Company with one of the best cost-effective LED road lighting solutions of Thorn Lighting — Civiteq. The 60, 80, 110 & 210W were used for this project. 

This street light provides streets with a perfect balance of ownership and performance. With the R-PEC® optic, it provides safe and efficient luminance to both streets and highways. This lighting fixture can be equipped with smart solutions like the Bi-Power Switch to control its dimming. 


Okada Manila

Okada ManilaOkada Manila has built its reputation to be known as one of the greatest casinos and resorts in Asia. Its exterior facade is a breathtaking spectacle thanks to Stealth Ventures Corp’s outdoor lighting solutions. Its dancing weather display and light show continue to capture people’s attention. On top of that, they also host luxurious gaming floors that bring excitement and thrill to many of its guests. 

To provide their guests with the best experiences, Stealth Ventures Corp. took care of the well-being of their employees by providing the best lighting solution for Okada’s Back of the House. 

The Back of the House (BOH) refers to the places that guests can’t access. It’s a personnel-only area that includes the employee area, business offices, storage rooms, laundry rooms, and other spaces. This area of a hotel requires the perfect optical balance of energy efficiency and aesthetics to provide employees with a comfortable space. 

With this project, Stealth Ventures Corp. equipped Okada’s BOH with the best Thorn Lighting LED lights that provide diverse illumination for these office spaces. These fixtures highlight the importance of comfort and communication within the spaces. 

For office spaces, Thorn Lighting makes sure its lighting solutions give a sense of comfort to the employees. These can be done by adding control systems to adjust the lights throughout the day. These are mixed in with the right lighting fixtures that help enhance facial recognition and comfort. 


Bohol Panglao International Airport

Bohol Panglao International AirportKnown as the first eco-airport in the Philippines, the Bohol Panglao International Airport replaced the Tagbilaran airport to help the increasing number of passengers. It serves as an entry point to the Pangalo Islands and Bohol for both domestic and international flights. 

Thorn Lighting Solutions has various practices for transportation terminals like airports. As the authorized distributor of Thorn Lighting, Stealth Ventures Corp. can apply the brand’s best practices for airport lighting. 


Lighting Control

Since airports need to be open 24/7, lights should also be the same. These can easily be achieved by providing good lighting controls. This additional feature in lights saves the energy and flexibility needed. 


Avoiding Spill Light

Since airports are usually located on the outskirts of cities, Thorn Lighting makes sure that its luminaires do their best to minimize light pollution. 


Specific Lighting

Many areas in an airport require additional and specific lights. These include check-in counters, baggage reclaim, and even lounge areas. The fixtures in these areas should provide the necessary optics needed. 


Key Takeaway 

With Thorn Lighting as its partner, Stealth Ventures Corp. continuously provides its clients with the best indoor and outdoor lighting solutions in the Philippines. From airports to hotels and casinos, we provide our clients with the most efficient and comfortable lighting.

Looking for a lighting supplier and solutions provider in the Philippines for your establishments? Contact us here at Stealth Ventures! We are ready to talk and collaborate with you on your lighting needs.