LED Lights Supplier Philippines | Stealth Ventures Corp.

LED Lights Supplier Philippines | Stealth Ventures Corp.

Stealth Ventures Corp. is the leading LED lights supplier in the Philippines today. Since 2005, we have continuously been bringing light to various establishments across the country. All this is possible through our partnerships with our local and global partners.


Our LED lights showcase the latest innovation in lighting in the industry. We make use of only the best and high-quality lights to not compromise their efficiency and lifespan.

LED Lights Supplier Philippines
Choose Stealth Ventures Corp for LED Lights Supplier

Why Choose Stealth Ventures Corp. As Your Led Lights Supplier in the Philippines?

No one has topped Stealth Ventures Corp. as the leading LED lights supplier in the Philippines.  Since our establishment 17 years ago, we have gone above and beyond to be not only a trusted supplier but also a lighting solutions provider to our clients.

Proven track record in the Philippine LED Lighting Industry

We have accomplished many lighting projects from large corporations to major transport terminals. Stealth Ventures Corp. has successfully provided innovative and proper lighting solutions to various projects.


As we embark on each project, we assure our clients that we are not just to provide them with the lights needed for the project. We are with them every step of the way from when they first consult with us regarding their design to after-sales services. We at Stealth Ventures Corp ensure our clients that we provide the best possible lighting solutions for every project.


We also accomplish retrofitting projects – when clients choose to change their old, conventional fluorescent lamps to LED lights. Stealth Venture Corp. steps in here as the best LED lights supplier to innovate the lighting design of our clients.


Local and global partners

We have a team of local and global partners and we work hand in hand because of our one goal for Filipinos: a brighter tomorrow, together.


Stealth Ventures Corp. is the only authorized distributor of the following lighting brands in the Philippines:

THORN Lighting
L & E
BEL Lighting
KKDC Lighting
BPM Lighting
Kimbal Engineered
Through these different brands, we can become a trusted LED lights supplier across various sectors and industries in the country.


Wide range of durable industrial and commercial LED lights

Stealth Ventures Corp. has a wide range of durable industrial and LED lights for various commercial applications. As the most trusted LED lights supplier in the Philippines, we offer infrastructure lighting, outdoor lighting, lighting controls, and indoor lighting.


Our partners provide us with a range of LED lighting products for us to use in our projects. From LED downlights, LED lamps, to LED outdoor lights and even LED street lights, we provide our clients with various lights that best suit the project.


Durable LED Lights with a 5-Year Warranty

Stealth Ventures Corp. continues to be the best LED lighting supplier and lighting solutions provider in the country by extending after-sales services. Included here is a 5-year warranty for all lighting products.


The company provides lighting products that can last up to 10 – 15 years, unlike other brands. When clients encounter problems with lights, Stealth Ventures Corp. steps in to remedy them as soon as possible.

Advantages of Having LED Lights for Different Applications

Stealth Ventures Corp. believes that good lighting is central to all establishments. It sets the mood and environment for its customers and employees, but it also goes beyond aesthetics. LED lights offer establishments many other advantages.


A Good Financial Investments

LED lights provided by Stealth Ventures Corp. are known to have low maintenance costs. This means that a company can save up on additional costs for repairs as time goes on. Having LED lights installed eliminates the need to keep repurchasing old and disposable light bulbs.

As the leading LED lights supplier in the Philippines, when applicable, we encourage our clients to switch out old fluorescent lights to a better type of light for the business.


No heat or UV emissions

Unlike traditional fluorescent lights, LED lights do not emit heat or any form of UV emissions. Traditional bulbs produce about 90% of heat energy while providing only 10% energy to produce the light needed.

Stealth Ventures Corp., an LED lights supplier in the Philippines, ensured that all lights installed in a project are of the best quality.


Energy efficient

Stealth Ventures Corp., a trusted LED lights supplier in the Philippines, takes pride in providing LED Lighting with lights that have the best efficiency in the market. They emit powerful lumens compared to other lighting products.


Longer lifespan

LED lights have a longer lifespan compared to other lighting products in the market. They can last for up to 50,000 hours. Additionally, it takes 6 – 12 years before you need to replace LED lights, making them a cost-efficient choice for various spaces.


Better work environment

Our LED lights do not cause as much strain on the eyes. When installed in working environments, it has positive effects on the employees’ productivity and satisfaction. All this is possible when you collaborate with an experienced LED lights supplier like Stealth Ventures Corp.

Brighten Up Your Space Today with Stealth Ventures Corp., the Leading LED Lights Supplier in the Philippines Today!

Whether you want LED lights installed in an office, shopping center, or manufacturing plant, they should be purchased from an expert and reputable LED lights supplier in the Philippines. Stealth Ventures Corp. provides you with the best LED lighting solutions for your needs. Let’s help you find the right light for a better, brighter, and safer space. Contact Stealth Ventures Corp. today!!