Lighting for Learning Environments in the Philippines

Lighting for Learning Environments in the Philippines

Lighting for Learning Environments in the Philippines

Lighting for Learning Environments in the Philippines

For most of the day, young minds find themselves at school surrounded by their classmates and teachers. Here, they learn all that they need to know. Because of this, their environment should be as comfortable as possible. This can be done by simply applying the right lighting solutions. 

Students in colleges and universities need to be placed in an environment that allows them to concentrate while staying motivated. Providing the right luminaires can help improve their productivity eventually reflecting on their academic performance. 

Keep reading to learn more about the different lighting solutions for learning environments in the Philippines. 


What are the Best Practices for Lighting in Universities? 

Thorn Lighting’s education lighting for universities emphasizes that it is necessary to stimulate lighting from the outside going in. Through Stealth Ventures Corp., we can apply these solutions to our clients. We are the authorized and exclusive distributor of Thorn Lighting in the Philippines. 

At the university level, colleges and universities should already be preparing their learners for the real world. With the right lighting fixtures, you can create the right environments that can inspire them to remain engaged in their lessons and studies. That’s why it’s vital that lights be comfortable both inside and outside the school buildings. 

Other than comfort, it’s also essential that spaces remain energy efficient. That means that lighting fixtures should also be sustainable. Thorn’s NightTune technology allows them to maximize this in various educational institutes. When used in external spaces, these can lower light pollution and improve security while being sympathetic 


Illuminate the Building Facades, Pathways, and Outdoor Social Spaces

Illuminate the Building Facades, Pathways, and Outdoor Social SpacesStudents should not only feel comfortable inside school buildings but outside as well. That’s why it’s important to illuminate the different facades and pathways around campus. 

Universities are not only schools, but it is also actually the home of many students. So, it’s essential to make students feel safe and protected as they walk across the different buildings. 

Lighting suppliers and solutions providers should light up and highlight the architecture of buildings to act as landmarks for students. This can also help establish the brand of campuses. When doing these, the lighting fixtures should also maximize energy-saving targets by using LED lights and smart lighting controls. 

There are also various outdoor spaces where students socialize and work. In these coworking learning environments, ensure that the correct lights are provided. Installing simple lighting controls can provide students with the proper optics while remaining energy efficient. 

Aside from architecture, luminaires should also be placed where it is needed. This includes pathways, outdoor corridors, parking lots, and parks within the campus. 


Lighting Up Transit Zones 

On campus, many hallways, pathways, and areas help students find their way throughout the university. These are called external transit zones. 

Lighting solutions in these schools should provide people with the correct lighting levels to make sure that everyone finds their way safely on campus. Included in this lighting solution are lighting important landmarks, street lights, and open spaces. 

The goal of lighting these areas is to create a safe and engaging environment in a well-illuminated area. 


Provide the Necessary Lights for Classrooms & Lecture Halls

Provide the Necessary Lights for Classrooms & Lecture HallsClassrooms and lecture halls are where learning happens. Every day, students flock to these rooms and take their seats to listen to their professors and guest lecturers. To encourage learning and productivity, it’s necessary to have the right lighting solution in place. 

Using cylindrical illumination light Thorn’s Equaline and Arena Symphony provide the best optics for classrooms. This provides light where it is needed. 

Classrooms can also choose to install lighting controls like Thorn’s Variable Colour Temperature (VCT) solutions. This allows schools to adjust the brightness and temperature of lights as the day goes by. This is especially important for visual learners who need the right amount of light on the scene. 


Using Lighting Control solutions

Adding lighting control solutions to your campuses adds another level of accessibility to the various lighting fixtures on the campus. With these solutions, you can easily upgrade these to wireless controls to adjust lights all over the campus. 

These controls can include VCT, daylight, dimming, and motion detection. Technicians will not need to worry about installing additional wires because of its wireless function. 


Key Takeaway

There are many lighting solutions for learning environments in the Philippines. It’s vital that these spaces be lit efficiently and properly to help the young minds of the country stay motivated and focused on their studies. 

With our help at Stealth Ventures Corp., we can provide you with the best lighting solutions in the country. We are the exclusive supplier of Thorn Lighting in the Philippines. They provide solutions for primary, secondary, and tertiary schools to create comfortable and safe learning environments.

If you’re interested in working with us, contact us here! We are ready to speak with you regarding any of your lighting concerns.