Solar Lights Supplier in the Philippines | Stealth Ventures Corp.

Solar Lights Supplier in the Philippines | Stealth Ventures Corp.

We at Stealth Ventures Corp., the Philippines’ leading solar lights supplier, can help you take the next step to this sustainable lighting solution for various establishments and their outdoor lights.
Solar Lights in The Philippines

Application of Solar Lights in the Philippines

The versatility of solar lights has expanded them for outdoor use. There are many ways that different establishments, corporations, and public places have taken on this sustainable alternative. And as a reputable lighting solutions provider in the Philippines, Stealth Ventures Corp. offers a wide array of products to meet your outdoor solar lighting needs.


Street Lights

Traditional street lights can be switched out with solar-powered street lights. Just like other solar-powered devices, it harvests its power from the sun to power up the built-in LED lights.


Once installed, they provide visibility at night since the LED lights give you the option to not use electricity. Solar street lights are good in providing light in locations that are not reached by electricity and promoting green environment.


Perimeter Lighting

Perimeter Lighting is used to line the borders of an establishment. Its job is to be able to detect anyone who tries to breach the perimeter.


When paired with motion detectors, solar-powered lights can automatically turn on once it senses motion. This lighting solution is ideal for security purposes since it is not reliant on electricity for power.


Industrial and Commercial Lighting

With solar LED lights, the outside of these establishments can be illuminated for three to five days without the sun. It is also a cost-efficient choice for the building since it helps lower the cost of electricity.

Advantage of Solar Lights For Establishments

Advantages of Having Solar Lights for Establishments

As the leading solar lights supplier in the Philippines, Stealth Ventures Corp. helps you reap the advantages of solar outdoor lights.

Minimal Maintenance

Solar lights are powered by built-in technology. It does not require manual operation or a switchboard for it to work.


Once Stealth Ventures Corp., the country’s leading solar lights supplier, sets up your solar lights, you won’t expect to see us again for a long time. Our solar lights require minimal maintenance. Its rechargeable batteries only need to be changed for 6 to 8 hours a day. In addition to that, the maintenance staff just needs to make sure that it remains clean so that its panels are optimized for use.


A Sustainable Initiative

The global awareness to reach sustainable goals grows by the day. Many establishments have begun to incorporate green initiatives into their work and brand. One of these can be the use of solar-powered lights.


Companies and businesses can turn to a trusted solar lights supplier in the Philippines like us at Stealth Ventures Corp. to provide you with solar-powered outdoor lights. With this, you commit the entire company to minimize your carbon footprint and play an active role with green and sustainable goals.


Increased Safety and Security

If establishments are powered by solar lights, they become more self-sustaining. Your entire workplace won’t be dependent on traditional electric installation. In times of storms and power outages, having solar lights will provide your company continuous lighting.


Solar outdoor lights may be installed with a motion detector. With that feature, the light will automatically turn on once it detects movement. This is ideal for solar lights used as security lighting in establishments.


In addition to that, by having solar-powered outdoor lights installed by the top solar light supplier in the Philippines from Stealth Ventures Corp., you can get more security. These lights won’t go out since there are no wires can be stolen. It makes your entire establishment less prone to break-ins.


Reduced Costs

With energy prices constantly rising, it’s also good for establishments to save money. You can do this with the help of solar lighting.


The initial costs and installations for solar lights can be expensive, making them an investment. Once installed, they help your establishments reduce costs.


If installed by an expert solar lights supplier in the Philippines like Stealth Ventures Corp., you can expect there to be minimal maintenance on the solar panels. They just require occasional cleaning to make sure the panels are clean and optimized for use.

Why Choose Stealth Ventures Corp. As Your Solar Lights Supplier In The Philippines?

Stealth Ventures Corp. is one of the leading solar light suppliers in the Philippines. For this lighting solution, you should trust experienced hands like ours to provide you with high-quality products and services.


Years of Experience as a Lighting Solutions Provider

Since our establishment in 2005, we have closely worked with our clients to give them the ideal lighting solution for the project. We start by giving them design recommendations and providing them with high-quality products for installation.


Even once the project is finished, we don’t stop our collaboration. We go above and beyond to provide clients with top-notch after-sales service. Our lighting solutions have a warranty in case of issues that may arise.


Global and Local Partners

We at Stealth Ventures Corp. together with our local and global partners work to provide optimal lighting solutions for various corporations, buildings, and even transport terminals.


As the authorized and sole distributor of our partners, we can work closely with clients for various projects.

Light Up Your Facilities with Stealth Ventures Corp., The Leading Solar Lights Supplier in the Philippines!

Solar lights are a green and sustainable initiative that many establishments can take on. Contact us here at Stealth Ventures Corp., the Philippines’ leading solar lights supplier to lessen your carbon footprint with the help of our solar lights. By being the authorized and sole distributor of L&E and Thorn Lighting, we can give you the best quality solar lights in the Philippines.