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The Advantages of Lighting Automation

The Advantages of Lighting Automation


There’s a lot of hype nowadays on lighting automation as homeowners are beginning to transition to smart home solutions. If you haven’t considered it for your home yet, take a look at its advantages and get a glimpse of how it can improve your living. 


With the advent of technology came more and more innovations and technological revolutions. Even our homes were not exempted from the massive impact of tech in today’s day and age. Now, there’s so much buzz around smart home gadgets and tech, which makes people question if they really need it. 


A lot of people think that investing in lighting automation and taking the first step to convert their residences into smart homes is a waste of time and resources. “Do I really need it or is it just hype?” is the common question floating around the heads of modern-day homeowners. 


Because we are all used to traditional practices, we might be turning a blind eye to the many benefits of lighting automation. After reading this, you might get a new perspective about smart home innovation and consider upgrading your home to meet the demands of tech development. 

What is Lighting Automation?

Simply put, lighting automation is exactly what you think it is — automating light or controlling it through digital means. It’s a control system that allows you to switch lights on or off and even control illumination levels with a touch of a finger or in case of motion-activated lights, without even having to touch anything. 


Some of the means to control lighting automation include: 

  • Smartphone or remote control
  • Motion sensor that switches on upon detecting movement and off after minutes of no movement
  • Timers and scheduling


Lighting automation is one of the most important smart home features today. It’s also often the first step homeowners take when they make the transition to the smart home revolution. 

Advantages of Lighting Automation

Lighting automation is more than just for the sake of upgrading your home and jumping on technological trends. Below are some of the important advantages that you can reap with lighting automation. 

Ease and Convenience 

The main perk of lighting automation is comfort, ease, and convenience. It completely removes the hassle of having to bother with light switches. Especially with motion-activated lights, minimal effort is needed from you to switch on, switch off, or adjust your lighting. 

More Control

With lighting automation, you have complete control over the brightness and dimness of your lights — all accessible through your smartphone or a remote controller. Automated lighting systems are also easy to install, maintain, and change whenever you see fit. 

Increased Safety

With easy-to-control and fool-proof lighting solutions, you can reduce the risk of accidents in your home, especially those caused by the absence or lack of proper lighting. We can help you find the best automated lighting systems for every corner of your home, workplace, or project. 

Reduced Electricity Bills

Probably the biggest reason people are reluctant to automate their home lighting solutions is the fear of yielding higher electricity bills. But you can actually tone down your electricity use with this smart home feature.


Aside from never again suffering the consequences of an electricity bill surge after forgetting to turn the lights off, automated lighting helps you conserve electricity by offering eco-friendly solutions. With your power to dim the lights and adjust illumination levels, you can save more and increase the life of your light bulbs by 150%.


Lighting automation can really change the game when it comes to how you live and the quality of your daily life. Stealth Ventures can help you choose and find the right lighting solutions for your home. Contact us and let’s add value to the way you live. 


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