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The Benefits of Landscape Lighting for Public Spaces

The Benefits of Landscape Lighting for Public Spaces


Lighting contributes significantly to the quality of experiences, safety, and social and economic value of public spaces. From boosting visual orientation to saving up to 70% in costs, the right lighting solutions can transform your public space. 


Every city has a public space, commonly a park, where people can gather, spend time, and enjoy the scenery. These spaces in between buildings, along sidewalks, and across roads are essential to modern life in urban areas. But while public spaces are readily available, only a few are flocked by people. 


Plants and greeneries may take the center stage in public areas, but it’s lighting that makes them safe, well-lit, and welcoming. The right landscape and infrastructure lighting can transform public spaces and foster quality experiences for visitors. 


The Role of Landscape Lighting in Public Spaces 

What makes a public space worthwhile? Some may say design and others may point to location as a prime factor. Although these are essential things to consider when conceiving public spaces, what truly matters is whether or not people will use them. 

That’s where lighting comes in. Combined with the prime location, engineering solutions, and landscape design, landscape lighting can transform open public spaces and provide a plethora of benefits both to public agencies and visitors. 


Benefits of Lighting in Public Spaces

Proper lighting in public spaces has both social and economic benefits. Many industry experts have attributed lighting as a social resource. Their ability to regenerate areas and make spaces more welcoming helps:

  • Form cohesive communities
  • Create value and experiences for visitors
  • Foster an individual sense of belonging
  • Serve as a peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of daily life
  • Bolster a sense of attachment and connection to local areas 
  • Promote social activity 

Probably the most important benefit of lighting in public spaces is its contribution to enhancing the safety of visitors, reducing the fear of accidents and crimes, and illuminating the area to help visitors orientate their surroundings even after the sun has set. 


Infrastructure Lighting Recommendations 

In order to reap the benefits of landscape lighting in public spaces, it’s important to choose the right lighting system. For public settings, the best lighting solution is LED lighting, which provides the highest quality of illumination and cost-efficiency. 


LED lighting delivers a soft, white glow, reproducing the colors of the surroundings accurately and showcasing them in the best light. It also helps improve visual orientation. On top of that, LED lighting is a cost-effective solution, boosting economic value and saving up to 70% in costs, while also reducing maintenance and operating expenses. 


Lighting for public spaces requires strategic and technical decisions. There are a variety of options, such as accent lighting, high-intensity lighting, or directional light. Architects and designers need to ensure that the lighting systems are placed in the right place, at the right height, and provide the best lighting quality to maximize its advantages. 


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