A Guide to Sustainable Transportation Lighting in the Philippines

A Guide to Sustainable Transportation Lighting in the Philippines

A Guide to Sustainable Transportation Lighting in the Philippines

A Guide to Sustainable Transportation Lighting in the Philippines

An airport is composed of many parts from its hangars, control tower, landing strips, and lounges for all passengers. Installing proper lighting in this facility provides the entire hub with the right illumination for safety, productivity, and aesthetics. Stealth Ventures Corp. partners with Thorn Lighting to provide the best kind of transportation lighting in the Philippines. As Thorn Lighting’s exclusive and authorized distributor in the Philippines, we can provide the best and most sustainable transportation lighting like our project in Bohol Panglao Airport. 

There are many things to consider when installing airport lights, whether for indoors or outdoors. It must provide a feeling of safety while in transit as well as make it easier for pilots to find their way while operating aircraft. 

This article aims to explain how transportation lighting can lighting solutions can be sustainable in the Philippines. Keep reading to learn more!


Important Considerations for Transporation Lighting in the Philippines

Important Considerations for Transporation Lighting in the PhilippinesAirports provide both humans and goods safe passage. Lighting solutions providers like Stealth Ventures Corp. want to ensure that lighting design is optimized in all spaces of an airport by applying these important considerations.


Lighting Verticals 

In airports and other transportation hubs, there are more vertical spaces compared to horizontal ones, making it vital to light them up with layered and task-specific lighting. 

With the help of Thorn Lighting products, Stealth Ventures Corp. can enhance travelers’ experiences by providing them with bright ceilings and well-illuminated entrance and exit zones. These allow people to identify these important exits while making their way toward their terminals and waiting areas. On top of that, proper vertical lighting can also provide people with proper facial recognition. 

Aside from entrance and exits, lighting solutions provided also ambient lighting to areas that pique travelers’ interest like waiting areas and restaurants. 


Hazard Identification

On the tarmac, it’s essential to highlight pedestrian hazards. These include steep ramps, stairs, and possible construction sites. There must also be proper lighting in areas that have moving vehicles and equipment. 

By installing proper accent lighting, travelers can easily identify and maneuver around these hazards, lessening accidents outside the airport. 



With hundreds of people walking around airports, it’s important that lighting serves its wayfinding purposes. Lighting solution providers should properly illuminate all directional signages, maps, display panels, and other installations that help both staff and passengers find their way around the entire transportation hub. 


Safety and Security

One of the most important considerations of airport lighting is uniformity. There must be adequate light for people to be able facially to recognize their peers, especially in outdoor areas. This also helps when security personnel monitor CCTV cameras after dark.

With proper lights, travelers are also able to feel more comfortable. They can properly see those approaching them, especially when traveling during the evening and early morning.


Visual Adaptation

In fast-moving transit areas, lights must be able to enhance visual activity and hazard recognition for both vehicles and travelers. Lighting solutions providers provide this by using visual adaptation techniques. This is when they install enhanced illuminance levels at building thresholds. 

From places that transition from dark external spaces to brightly lit internal areas, it’s important to use lighting control systems. These automatically adjust illuminance levels. 


Access & Maintenance

For these lights to last long, they must be easy to reach for maintenance staff. It should be easy for them to clean, install, and replace when needed. Additionally, switches, control gears, and electrical connections should also be installed properly. 


Bohol-Panglao International Airport: Philippines’ First Eco Airport

Bohol-Panglao International Airport: Philippines’ First Eco AirportIn the Philippines, the Bohol-Panglao International Airpot is known as the country’s first eco airport thanks to its design. This was constructed as a tropical airport because of its placement on the island. It consists of a 2,000-meter runway, a 55,585 square-meter apron, and a passenger terminal. 

The airport has advanced Japanese technology installed such as a photovoltaic power generation system. Its filtering system also ensures that pollution is prevented in its surrounding areas thanks to geotextile sheets that stop drainage water from flowing to its surroundings. 

The airport’s architectural design also has many energy-saving features. Stealth Ventures Corp. provided all the LED lights for the airport. There are over 2,000 LED lighting fixtures installed in the airport as well as solar panels on the roof of the passenger terminal. These are equipped with lighting control solutions that allow natural to illuminate areas of the transport terminal. 


Key Takeaway

With the help of Thorn Lighting, Stealth Venture Corp. helps transportation terminals have the best and most sustainable lighting solutions. The Bohol Panglao International Airport is just the beginning. We are also going to provide the North-South Commuter Rail with its Thorn LED lights as it begins Phase 1. 

If you’re interested in collaborating with Stealth Ventures Corp for your LED lighting needs, contact us here! We are the leading lighting solutions provider in the Philippines, ready to assist you from your initial consultation to post-installation needs.