Everything About Urban Lighting: Landscapes and Hospitality

Everything About Urban Lighting: Landscapes and Hospitality

Everything About Urban Lighting: Landscapes and Hospitality

Everything About Urban Lighting: Landscapes and Hospitality

The main role of urban lighting is to illuminate entire cities. It is used to light facades, monuments, bridges, building surrounds, parks, plazas, and promenades, residential streets, and parkings.

Complete urban lighting solutions revolutionalize how cities feel after dark—changing the ambiance of areas around buildings and allowing citizens to explore freely. Adequate urban lighting also increases safety by deterring criminal acts. Smart urban lighting is highly efficient as well. These consume less energy than traditional lights.


Layers of Outdoor Light 

Layers of Outdoor Light 

Urban lighting is just one layer of a complete outdoor solution. When combined with functional and architectural lighting, lighting solutions providers create a perfectly lit environment for the city. 


Functional Lighting

This layer of outdoor lighting focuses on keeping everyone safe by using light as guidance. This helps in supporting people’s visual performance on sidewalks, parks, and other outdoor places. 

All luminaires used here have high performance and are easy to install and maintain. 


Architectural Lighting

This layer of outdoor lighting provides various orientation points in the city including landmarks. It should be able to highlight various architectural details in the building to spark social interaction. 

Lighting fixtures used here focus on making the materials, details, shapes, spaces, and objects stand out. The luminaires need to have optical flexibility and various mounting options.


Urban Lighting

Lastly, urban lighting focuses on supporting people’s well-being by making them feel comfortable in their spaces. It also contributes to safety by increasing the livability of an area. 

Luminaires used for urban lighting have low glare but have good uniformity and aesthetic quality. 

With the help of various Thorn Lighting luminaires, Stealth Ventures Corp. is able to offer the right lighting options for specific urban areas. Choose Stealth Ventures Corp. as your lighting solutions provider to know more! 


Key Urban Lighting Techniques

Key Urban Lighting Techniques

There is no denying that appropriate lighting techniques and designs are crucial for highlighting places, protecting the environment, and safely guiding citizens to their destinations. Below is a guide on the key urban lighting techniques. 


Visual Comfort

Ensure that the urban luminaires guarantee maximum visual comfort for passers-by. Avoid high luminance contrast and glare by installing lighting on lower street poles. 

Afterward, improve visual perception by providing the right color temperature for residents and road users. During the early and mid part of the night, provide a moderately warm color to enhance safety perception and improve the atmosphere. Once the early morning hours arrive, cool-colored light mixed with warm light is ideal for increased traffic attention. 


Illumination Control 

Being able to switch or dim urban lighting can provide the right illumination at night. Achieve this by installing smart urban lighting control. The latest smart lighting technology allows streets, landmarks, and outdoor facades to take on a new character at night. 

Both historical and modern architecture characterize the cities that people live in. They provide people with landmarks when walking around, even at night. With the right lighting solutions for  Stealth Ventures Corp, we can help you bring new characters and drama to these iconic spaces. 

All luminaires used for urban lighting help provide these structures with dramatic effects. These provide the landmarks with character and drama at night. To achieve this, lighting suppliers used powerful yet precise low-energy lighting fixtures.

Lighting solutions providers project powerful lighting fixtures to illuminate vertical and horizontal surfaces from a distance. To add more drama, they use an outdoor lighting technique called grazing. This is done by installing lights at an angle.



Make urban spaces as safe and welcoming by night as they are by day. Clearly illuminate parks to ensure usability and light up potential obstacles. Well-lit places decrease the probability of street crimes.  


Guide People to Their Destination 

All kinds of spaces are meant to bring people together. In an urban setting, not only the space should be lit, but also the way towards it. It should make visitors and locals feel comfortable and welcome in their city. 

Lighting solutions providers like Stealth Ventures does this by installing lights in important places like walkways and the entrances of buildings. 


Smart Lighting

To elevate urban lighting, smart lighting controls can be utilized to make sure that light is only deployed when and where it is needed. This helps provides a balance between energy saving and performance. 


Different Lighting Layers

For urban lighting to be effective, it must work together with the other lighting layers. There must be lights installed to guide people in the city. For example, pedestrian crossings and sidewalks should be properly lit to give them visibility at night. At the same time, buildings should be highlighted to provide them with landmarks across the city. In more enclosed spaces, there should also be task-centered lighting. 

When all these lights work together, there should be a balance in all spaces. 


Key Takeaway

Urban lighting is installed to help people feel comfortable and safer in their city. This article tackled the different ways lighting suppliers can achieve this by incorporating the other aspects of outdoor lighting. 

Stealth Ventures Corp. can provide you with the best urban lighting solutions in the Philippines. With decades of experience, we have become a trusted lighting solutions supplier for many cities throughout the country. Contact us here today to start our collaboration!