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What’s the Best Color and Lighting Temperature for Office Lighting?

What’s the Best Color and Lighting Temperature for Office Lighting?


Find the ideal color temperature for your office lighting here. Stealth Ventures partners with Thorn (UK), L&E, and KKDC to provide you top-grade lighting solutions.


Improving the color and temperature of your office lighting is not just a superficial expression of care for your employees (whose heads ache and eyes get strained due to poor lighting). Rather, it is more of a promising investment that can offer your company tenfold returns. This is since appropriate office lighting is proven to improve productivity, mood, energy, and alertness. Utmost beneficial for particular tasks, good office lighting also ensures relaxation and stimulation among your employees. 


As we are reminded just how necessary an effective office lighting is, now we get to ask, “So, what’s the best color and lighting temperature for my office?”. Well, the thing is, the effectiveness of color temperature of office lighting depends on the specific task such will be used with (i.e. to facilitate employees on long-hours of looking at computer screens or to help induce alertness and creativity among people inside the meeting room, etc.). 


“…there is no encompassing ‘best’ when it comes to the color and lighting temperature aspects of office lighting.”


Given the diversity of tasks settled daily in any office, there is no encompassing ‘best’ when it comes to the color and lighting temperature aspects of office lighting. However, by (a) understanding the fundamentals of color and temperature in office lighting and (b) looking at some ‘cheat sheets’ derived from hundreds of studies involving office lighting, you’ll know best how to deal with your employees’ circadian rhythm. Further this reaping of benefits upon benefits through accurate lighting solutions with the help of Stealth Ventures.


Basics of Color and Temperature in Office Lighting


Color temperature, also known as Correlated Color Temperature (CCT), is described as the appearance or perceived color of the light generated by a light source. Color temperature, such as in office lighting, is measured in Kelvins (K) and is usually represented as a 4-digit number. With that said, it becomes easier for us to understand the notion of color temperature defining the room’s atmosphere. 


Generally, color temperatures of 3000K and lower are identified as warm colors having a red to yellowish-white appearance. Meanwhile, color temperatures of 3100K to 4500K are known as mid-range CCT which emits a cool white appearance. 4500K and higher on the other hand has a blue-white appearance which is why this range is identified as the higher color temperatures. 


To specify the provided ranges of these color temperature that you’re using for your office lighting, here’s a guide we prepared for you: 

  • Candlelight: 1800K CCT 
  • Extra Warm White: 2800K CCT 
  • Warm White: 3000K CCT 
  • Cool White: 4000K CCT 
  • Daylight: 5000K CCT 
  • Overcast Sky: 6500-7500K CCT 
  • Blue Sky: 8000k-12000K CCT 


Cheat Sheet: A Practical Guide on Applying the Basics of Color Temperature for Office Lighting


What emotions or psychological responses do you want your employees or clients to feel? Use your answer as a guide to help you decide which among these practical and defined applications would suit your needs best. 


  • For Fueling Productivity

If you observe that your office lighting affects negatively the productivity of your employees, here’s the ultimate hack for you. Especially if you don’t have access to daylight, “blue-enriched” bulbs with a color temperature of 17000K are found to effectively increase the work performance of employees. As this office lighting color temperature increases productivity, it can also reduce the fatigue and daytime sleepiness felt by your workers. 


To find the best blue-enriched bulbs or similar office lighting products which can boost the productivity of your employees, we recommend you to check out what the global partners of Stealth Ventures have to offer. 


  • For Increasing Alertness and Excitement

For office spaces such as brainstorming rooms, blue or cooler color temperature is the most recommended. With this type of office lighting, you can ensure that your employees will feel more excited and invigorated to participate and share their ideas. 


If your office prides itself on high-end architectural design, then it is our pleasure to recommend you lighting solutions having cool color temperatures from KKDC. This internationally-acclaimed company specializes in LED technology and linear lighting. However, if KKDC does not seem to fit your preferences, we highly recommend you also browse products from L&E and Thorn (UK)


  • For a Balanced, Motivating, and Warm Environment

Middle tones or color temperatures along a warm color range (around 3500K) are most recommended for inducing an inviting environment. This is also a great option for spaces where employees spend their time when not working and not exposed to blue light. While keeping people alert, this neutral office lighting also guarantees that they feel relaxed. 


Final Takeaway: Furthering the application of the guide above, you should take note of the following: (a) For general office which requires high detail visibility, a bright and vibrant atmosphere, office lighting color temperature of delight cold white (~5700K) is ideal; (b) For employee break room, to induce feelings of relaxation, yellow to natural blue would be the best; (c) For office corridor requiring people to feel comfortable, somewhere between 3000K and 4000K color temperature would be fine; and (d) for lobby office and to assure visitors get a good first impression of your building, a cooler white temperature (5000K) is most suggested. 


To further your exploration, given which lighting solutions would best suit your office needs, Stealth Ventures is always here to help you. 


Contact us today and let’s talk about how we can support and add value to your project. Visit our website to learn more about us and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates. 


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